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We’ve got your back! You don’t have to search for jobs on your own. Apply now  we’ll assign you a recruiter who can guide you every step of the way.

You’ll also be given a team of experts to help with housing, licensing, certifications, your general happiness as a traveler and more. We created our Travel Experience Department to ensure you’re satisfied with every detail of your assignment


Healthcare facilities need travelers to fill gaps in care for a variety of reasons. That means healthcare therapy services jobs are available nationwide! Some facilities plan to hire travelers periodically throughout the year to cover times of higher census. Others open travel jobs when staff members take leave. The great news is these openings are some of the highest paying healthcare therapy services  in the country.

Travel rehab jobs come with perks beyond the pay. You’ll gain experience at nationally ranked hospitals, broaden your skills by working with different patient populations and make new professional contacts nationwide. Plus, you get to see the country! Always wanted to sail the Great Lakes, taste authentic Texas barbecue or stroll down a sunny California street? This is your chance.


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