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Are you a surgical center healthcare provider who wants to dip your toes in the Pacific Ocean, ski down a Colorado slope or catch a Broadway show? This is your chance! Healthcare facilities across the U.S.A. are looking for travelers to fill temporary openings.


Surgical Services Careers

Surgical services travelers build their resumes by working at top facilities across the U.S.A. They gain exposure to new clinical techniques, procedures and patient populations while working with world-class surgeons and gaining professional contacts nationwide. When you set your sights on travel, you commit to expanding your resume and growing your skills. When you’ve done that, landing prestigious jobs becomes that much easier. And the best part is … traveling pays incredibly well.

Surgical Services Salary


Pay varies between assignments. The good news is the location you choose is one of the biggest factors in determining your pay — and you choose where you want to go! Different areas, and even different facilities in the same area, offer different rates.

Many additional factors affect your pay package such as the housing and benefits you select. But whatever you choose, you’ll be paid well.

If you’d rather relax and let us do the searching, no problem. Apply now and we’ll put you in touch with a recruiter who will listen to your goals and make your travel dreams a reality. They’ll focus on what’s most important to you. If maximizing your salary is your top priority, they’ll find you the highest-paying jobs.


Why Do Healthcare Facilities Need Surgical Services Travelers?

Put simply, travelers fill gaps in surgical services departments. A resort-adjacent hospital may have more patients during their busy season. Since they don’t require year-round staff, they add travel jobs accordingly. Travel positions also open when surgical center staff members take leave. Because there are so many reasons facilities need travelers, you have job security. We update our job search daily to reflect the most current openings.

What Benefits Does Advanced Global Healthcare Offer?

Personalized Team

Aya travelers have an entire support team including an expert recruiter, credentialing specialist, payroll representative, compliance liaison and travel experience specialist.


We help with housing. Depending on the assignment, we’ll provide a stipend or you can take the easy route and let us put you up


You’ll get premium medical, dental, vision and life insurance. Everything starts day one of your assignment!

Pay Perks

We offer a 401(k) with a generous match, stipends and, on certain contracts, reimbursement for things like tuition, travel, licensing and more

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