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Did you know that laboratory departments all over the country are hiring travelers for medical laboratory jobsgs.

If you prefer not to search for jobs on your own, that’s not a problem! Apply now and we’ll assign a recruiter to help you find a travel pathology job! He or she can guide you through the travel process. You’ll also have a team of experts in credentialing, licensure, payroll and even travel experience to ensure a smooth journey.

Why Do Hospitals Open Jobs in Labs for Travelers?

Because information from the Laboratory Department is involved in so many medical decisions, it’s important there are no gaps in coverage.

Some healthcare facilities experience higher census at certain times of year and hire travelers to cover the increased flow of laboratory needs. Travel jobs also open when staff members take leave. There are lots of reasons laboratory department jobs open … and that equals job security!

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How Much Do Travel Laboratory Jobs Pay?

Pay packages vary per assignment. Your travel lab agency should be able to keep tabs on openings that pay well. Where you go is up to you, which is great because the location you choose is one of the biggest factors in determining your pay. Different areas of the country — and even different healthcare facilities within the same area — pay differently. There are many other things, like the housing and benefits you choose, that affect your take home pay as well.


What Benefits Does Aya Offer?

Personalized Team

Advanced travelers have an entire support team including an expert recruiter, credentialing specialist, payroll representative, compliance liaison and travel experience specialist



We help with housing. Depending on the assignment, we’ll provide a stipend or you can take the easy route and let us put you up.


You’ll get premium medical, dental, vision and life insurance. Everything starts day one of your assignment!

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