Are you looking for new career opportunities to start the new year? With the nation’s healthcare needs at an all-time high, all nursing professionals should be excited about their career prospects. But even though switching jobs can be exciting, no one ever claimed it was easy. Here’s why teaming up with a staffing firm is the best way to find your next nursing job.

1. Job seeking is an art

Sadly, many people struggle to find satisfactory work despite being highly-qualified in their field. In many cases, the problem is not their lack of experience in their job, but their lack of experience in looking for a job. Job seeking is not like riding a bike; if it’s been years (or just months!) since you switched careers, the job market may have changed drastically. Job seeking demands a special skill set, and staffing firms know exactly how to play the game so that you will win.

2. A staffing firm is your support system

Your relationship with your recruiter doesn’t end when they find you a good job placement. Staffing firms form long-term relationships with their clients, and your recruiter can continue to offer you career advice whether you find a job or not. Once they get to know you and your needs, your agency can be even more effective during your next job transition.

3. Your recruiter advocates for your rights

Negotiating salaries and other forms of compensation is a dark and mysterious subject for many job seekers. In contrast, the experts at your staffing agency know the job market better than anyone and can help you negotiate the best possible salary.

4. More flexibility for you

Are you interested only in full-time positions, or do part-time and per-diem work appeal to you? Would you take a temporary or travel contract? Though healthcare workers have nearly infinite options available to them, the average job seeker doesn’t have the resources or connections needed to investigate all their options. In contrast, a staffing agency will give you access to a wide array of career choices.

5. “Secret” jobs

Not every job opening makes it to the open market. Since hiring managers want to fill positions as quickly and easily as possible, they might tell a recruiter about their needs well before posting the job publicly. If you’re working with a staffing firm, you’ll have access to this hidden job market. If not… well, someone else will get your dream job before you ever knew it existed.